The bamboo system block uses the & maintenance to explain :

1. In front of the use block, first uses the clear water flushing, washes off the block on dust

2. After the use flushes again the block a time, and cleans cleanly with the cleaning rag, hangs the block on the wall perhaps exclusively uses YCZM Foot rest to stand erect cloudyly dry, in order to avoid the block because of is affected with damp changes color or is mildewy

3. Please do not use the cleanser clean, because the clean fluid can permeate in the block, can cause the block for a long time to be rotten, processes food quite not health with it.

4. If block processing fries in oil share food, the available heat water unceasingly cleans fast degreasing (remembered cannot use pot to brush).

5. The block spreads the fish fishy smell or other unusual smells, then may use the lemon and the coarse salt together cleans. When the block appears the fissure or presents the sunspot, then is the time should discard.

6. The attention block cannot position of the sunlight perpendicular incidence, avoid the block excessively dry but being cracked

7. If enters the kitchen time to be many, suggested purchases two blocks, will live, the cooked meat separates the use, will reduce food bacterium alternately to multiply.

The block guards against the crack small skill: After buys back the new block, should spread the cooking oil immediately. The procedure is both sides and peripheral spreads the cooking oil about the block, after waits the oil to attract dry spreads again, spreads 34 then. The block peripheral is easy to crack, may repeatedly spread several, after the oil is dry then uses. After processes like this, the block is not easy to appear the crack